Hot or Not? Cellule Modular Lattice Concept

Hot or Not? Cellule Modular Lattice Concept

Aaron Able
Feb 11, 2009

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Cellule is a modular lattice system designed to help urban gardeners quickly cover small, oddly-configured walls and fences with the lattice work to support climbing plants. Made up of individual 7.2" squares, the modular pieces snap together and are reconfigurable. Each piece can be mounted with cable ties (for small balconies and railings) or has a hole for screwing into wood, drywall, brick, or concrete...

Cellule is made from UV stabilized polypropylene and is fully recyclable. While it is just a concept, Joy de Vivre is taking initial orders to fund the project:

The images are computer renderings of Cellule. This product has not been manufactured yet. In order to bring Cellule to life, we need you to fund it. The funding period for Cellule will last only 8 weeks (56 days), beginning February 9th, 2009 and ending on April 6th, 2009. Within this time period, Cellule needs to sell a minimum of 1200 sets to be manufactured and is limited to 3000 packs.

Cellule is sold in sets of 9 modules and caps for $36.15 CAD — about $30 in U.S. Dollars. Mounting hardware is not included. So what do you think?

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