A day too late for Outdoors Month but still worth sharing, the Dedon Special Edition D.D.C. (Dedon Dress Code) reinterprets classic patterns in fashion applied to the Slim Line outdoor furniture line by Jean-Marie Massaud. Now this is some outdoor furniture that really packs a punch. Follow the jump to vote for your favorite (or Not)...

(2) CAMBON: invites you back to famous fashion districts of Paris, home of ground-breaking fashion innovations such as the “New Look”. Many sophisticated women where inspired by the classic pied de poule pattern, strolling down Parisian avenues in Audrey Hepburn-style.
(3) EDINBURGH: retraces its history: starting in Scottish highland culture, visiting the traditional atmosphere of British clubs, stopping in the infamous Punk era of “The Sex Pistols” and ending with contemporary fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Ralph Lauren.
(4) MARSEILLE: takes us on a trip through fashion history, starting at the time of the Golden Twenties in Europe, visiting mundane summer flings at the French Riviera like Pablo Picasso in the 1960s and travelling quickly back to the present time of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s subversive sailor chic.
(1&5) OSLO: the classical knitted “Norwegian style” gets a new look: The collection bringing the rough and untamed wilderness of the Scandinavian landscape into the big cities of our times.

via Architonic