Hot or Not? Lathe VIII by Sebastian Brajkovic

Using techniques from traditional craftsmanship, Sebastian Brajkovic re-shaped two baroque-style chairs by extruding the backrest to create this love seat. Using similar optical tricks as the Downloading Rug, posted last week, it creates a feeling of movement. Although highly conceptual, the chair is functional as an elegant love seat. Click through for a more detailed image and tell us what you think...

From the designer:

My very first thought with making this design was actually a practical one. I wanted to create more space on a singular chair by “extruding” the seat’s surface area. This extruding idea came from a Photoshop function where you can pick a row of pixels and extend them as long as you want. This modern computer method aided me to devise new ways of sketching as a contradictory partner in my design process. In this paradoxical sense, using antique forms was the next logical step.