Hot or Not? Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap

Hot or Not? Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap

Carrie McBride
Sep 12, 2008


Although stomach sleeping for babies is verboten to reduce the risk of SIDS, some babies are determined to transition to their tummies during the night. Others inch their way around the crib and parents find them in the morning with their heads wedged into a corner or arms or legs flailing between the crib rails. As babies get older and stronger and learn to stand and climb, some hatch escape plans which can lead to tumbles from the crib. That's where the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap comes in...

Invented after the birth of her own child by a New Zealand nurse who had seen her fair share of ER injuries to babies who had fallen from beds and cribs, the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap goes around both your mattress (sold in different sizes to accommodate moses baskets, bassinets, cribs, travel cribs and beds) and your child.

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