Lately, hot pink has been reclaimed from the domain of New Wave pop album covers and poodle nailpolish, and is now holding its own against both other deeply saturated colors and as a bold accent against neutral tones. Here is an inspiration gallery that reveals the power of pink.

It's true that in our culture, hot pink carries connotations of femininity and glamour, but keep in mind that this is only a cultural construct dating to less than 100 years ago! There is no reason that girls should have all the fun!
1 via Besottment
2 Anne Coyle interior via Spicer + Bank
3 Candace Bushnell's apartment photographed by William Waldron for Elle Decor
4 via The House Home
5 Eileen Kathryn Boyd interior from Lonny
6 Ned Marshall interior photographed by Kerri McCaffety for House Beautiful
7 Wicker headboard from johnnyvintage on Etsy, sadly already sold!
8 Image from Matchbook Issue 3, via the neotraditionalist
9 Anna Spiro interior photographed by Simon Kenny for Canadian House and Home
10 Zara Home via Apartment Therapy