Hot Posts of 2006: April was Bathroom Month!

News, etc:

Swiss Toilet
Welcome to AT: Chicago!
AT Survey: NYTimes Website ReDesign?
AT Alert: Happy Snow Day!
AT Survey: Toothpaste, the Ultimate Choice
The Cure: Week Two - Clearing the Path
SCC 2006: And The Envelope Please....
Brooklyn Style?: NYMag Says Who's Who
Bachelor Pad Report: Bliss is a Room Without Wires
First Review for Blueprint Magazine

House Tours, Etc. :

Look! Masking Tape Stripes at H & J's
House Tour: Jess's Parisian Perch
#60 - Paul's Heaven over Hell’s Kitchen (last one)
Finalist #1: James & Margaret's Iconic Studio
Finalist #12: Shauna's More Dash than Cash
WeekendTherapy: Maxwell Steps Up


The Gallery: Paul Scheik
On Neighbors
The Gallery: Carol Irving


The Spoon Bathtub
Best Products: Ikea Countertop With Vika Legs
7 Foot Teak Consoles
TOTO Toilets
Toilet Lid Sink
Palms Collection
Cowboy Wallpaper
Best Products: Christy Towels
Massa Tile System

Stores & Services:

Z Gallerie
9j Builder: Contractor
Rymore Contracting
New York Replacement Parts
John De Lorenzo Bros. Welding