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Bulletin boards are incredibly useful but often big eyesores. The solution? Cover them with fabric! Fabric is durable and porous, making them the perfect material to cover cork boards with their countless pins. Fabric's durability also makes it a great material to cover magnet boards, since sliding magnets could cause weaker coverings, like paper, to tear. Don't throw out dirty or worn bulletin boards! Beautify and extend its life with fabric instead. Read more for the how-to...

Difficulty rating: Beginner

Tip: This how-to works on both framed and unframed boards.

What You Need:
• Cork board or magnet board. An old used one is ideal, since you'll be beautifying it with fabric anyway. Try to find a used one around your home, or barter with a friend. You'll be surprised how many of these are unused and lying around.
• Glue (eco-friendly version like Elmer's Glue)
• Scissors
• Fabric of your choice (ideally, organically or sustainably grown cotton, hemp, bamboo, wool or linen)

1. Lay down the fabric, wrong-side up.
2. Lay the cork or magnet board onto the fabric, front-side down.
3. Trim fabric with a margin of roughly 1.5 inches (more for thicker boards).
4. Center the board onto the fabric,
5. Fold fabric over one corner.
6. Glue down the corner. (Please note: Always apply glue to the board and not directly to the fabric.)
7. Go to the diagonally opposite corner and do the same thing (steps 5 and 6).
8. Go to either remaining corner and do the same thing (steps 5 and 6).
9. Go to the diagonally opposite corner and do the same thing (steps 5 and 6).
10. Fold and glue the sides down, doing one side and then working on the opposite side, rather than an adjacent side.
11. Trim and/or glue down any severely bulky areas. (Please note: Glue can be applied directly to the fabric during this step.)
12. You're done! All you have to do is wait several hours for the glue to dry, following glue manufacturer's instructions.

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