Hot Tip: Wrinkles? Forget the Iron. Use a Spray Bottle.

Ironing is a drag. It consumes a lot of time and energy. You have to haul out and make room for the iron and ironing board. Say goodbye to all the trouble, and use this "ironing" trick I learned from my mother, a very clever lady. All you need is a spray bottle and a hanger. Read more for the full details.

This method works well for very wrinkled garments, as well as mildly wrinkled ones. You will rarely have to pull out the old iron and ironing board. It is extremely convenient while traveling, or during mad morning rushes.

This trick has worked for me for years and is great because it is practical, uses no electricity, and involves supplies you already own. You also avoid having to purchase and find storage for more gear, an iron and ironing board, making this tip a small space must.

Here is the how-to on banishing wrinkles with a spray bottle:

  1. Hang your garment on a hanger in an open area (shower rods and the tops of door frames work well).
  2. Fill a spray bottle with tap water. (No need to buy one for this purpose. Save the spray bottle of a cleaning product you already own. Important: Make sure the bottle has a round dial, NOT the square "Off/Spray" dial. Wash it out thoroughly, making sure to spray out and clean any remnant product left in the straw.)
  3. Turn the spray dial to the finest mist possible, testing and turning until you get it ultra fine.
  4. Spray the wrinkles in downward strokes about 12-18 inches away, almost like you're making imaginary vertical stripes of mist.
  5. Walk away and get other tasks done. Wrinkles will disappear in a several minutes.
  6. Garment will be ready to wear when dry.
  7. Note: This method works fastest on woven fabrics. Allow longer time for knits.
  8. Recommended: Use this method the night before for the most convenience and complete dryness.
  9. In a pinch: Use this method as you're getting ready to leave. As long as it appears nearly dry, it is all right not to be dry to the touch. It'll be fine by the time you get to your destination. (I've tested the limits of this during mad morning rushes.)

(Image: Flickr member anneh632, licensed for use under Creative Commons)