Hot Tip: Use Mustard Powder To Clean Greasy Pans

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Thanks to Re-Nest reader Eternal*Voyageur for sharing this hot tip with us: apparently mustard powder is the bee's knees when it comes to cleaning dishes and pans. It's even better than baking soda! Here's what she says about it: Via Eternal*Voyageur:

Mustard powder is the BEST thing ever to clean greasy plates, pots and pans. It absorbs the grease much faster than most detergents I've tried. I put a teaspoon or two (or three, if the pan is very big and very greasy) and spread it around with a brush, then rinse off. A slight mustard-y smell remains, so I like to follow with a quick wash using a tiny drop of detergent (to which I always add eucalyptus essential oil).

Sweet! We can't wait to try this. Anyone else found this tip to be true?

Thanks, Eternal*Voyageur!

(Image: Eternal*Voyageur)

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