Hot Tips: On Painting

Hot Tips: On Painting

Regina Yunghans
Apr 30, 2007

Since the start of our new Tips post, several have been related to painting. Since many of us are painting to freshen up our homes this spring, we wanted to put the painting tips front and center here:

• Paint Can Neatness

When you're painting, take a nail and a hammer and pierce the bottom of the little channel rim thing that the lid of the paint can fits into several times -- 4 or five holes around the can -- so that when paints gets into that channel, it will drip right back into the can. It keeps the paint that gets on there from drying into the kind of mess that keeps the can from being able to close well.

• Roller Prep

Before you use a clean roller, wrap your blue tape around your hand a bunch of times with the adhesive side up and roll over it back and forth to remove much of the loose roller material.

• Keeping a Clean Line w. Tape

Before painting a taped-off section of color, paint over the edge of the tape with the ground color (if you have some left over). This seals off the line and prevents the new color from seeping under the tape. When you remove the tape, the line will be clean.

• Oil-Based Semigloss for Trim

One of our own is to use oil-based semigloss paint on all painted woodwork like doors and frames: it's much more durable on such high-traffic surfaces.

Any other tried and true painting tips out there?

(thanks Curtis, art, and M!)

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