Hotel Escape vs. Living Like a Local: How Do You Travel?

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Since we're all about escapes this month on Apartment Therapy, I'm wondering how most of you like to live when you travel. While full-service hotels have been around for eons, short-term rental sites like Airbnb have changed the face of the travel industry in more recent years, and given traditional hotels a run for their money.

The perks that come from staying in a hotel are tried and true: check-in at any time of day or night, fresh sheets daily, and a concierge to pester with questions. But with a rented apartment or house, you (usually) get a better financial deal, not to mention a real home to relax in at the end of the day.

I've become a rental convert in recent years: from sharing villas in Greece with my girlfriends to staying solo in a tiny Parisian flat, I'm all about saving money, having my own kitchen and discovering local neighborhood gems. Having said that, I still occasionally like the ease and luxury of a boutique hotel, especially for a quick trip or when I'm travelling on my own somewhere I don't know well.

But over to you: when you travel, do you prefer a break from reality in the form of a luxe hotel, or do you want a home-away-from-home that feels, well, homey?

(Image credits: Sherrie U.)