Depending on the season, our craving for design styles can run the gamut from ultra cozy in the winter to fresh and cheerful in the summer months. That's why hotels that offer bright, light, cheery and whimsical interiors are particularly appealing this time of year. Earlier we highlighted some examples of Happy Modern hotels stateside, but there are also many stylish, dreamy places to be found all around the world. Here are a few.

1. Hotel DeBrett, Auckland, New Zealand
2. Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore
3. Villa La Banane, Saint Barthélemy
4. Hotel Azúcar, Tulum, Mexico
5. La Maison Champs Elysées, Paris, France
6. 25 Hours Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland
7. La Plage Casadelmar, Corsica, France
8. La Scalinatella, Capri, Italy

(Images: as linked above)