Liz's Little Place

House Call

Name: Liz
Location: Denver, Colorado

I'm kind of in love with my little place. Its the first place I've ever owned, and its in a really great urban part of Denver where I can bike West to work or East to downtown to grab a beer. My boyfriend, dog, and I feel like we are living our lives exactly the way we want to ... urban, green, small scale, and this place is such a big part of that.

In addition, I bargain hunt like no other. Everything you see here was purchased second hand, super cheap, or made on my own. I made a lot of the art work, the couch was literally free off the street, the bike purchased at a thrift store. In fact, I added it up once and except for the rug, I spent about $100.00 total on my living room ... furniture and all.

Thanks, Liz!

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