Cristen's San Francisco Studio

House Call

Name: Cristen
Location: San Francisco

I live in a tiny studio apartment that I estimate is 300ish sq ft and I LOVE it! When I moved in, 1.5 years ago, I was on a very tight budget that required me to be resourceful, cheap and creative with decorating. I spent very little money and almost everything was free, on sale/clearance, refurbished by yours truly or from In fact, I still don't have a curtain rod...but some how I have curtains. Baby steps. :)

I have an eclectic style. This is not only from my own need for variance as I get bored extremely easy, but I also love the challenge to keep good design principles in mind while putting together a hodgepodge of periods, colors and styles. I love walking into the same space time after time and finding something new about it. I try to create this with my space.

Thanks, Cristen!

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