House Call: Bai's "Coup De Coeur"

House Call: Bai's "Coup De Coeur"

Aaron Able
Feb 2, 2009

Name: Bai
Location: Ile de la Cite — Paris, France

When I decided last year to move from Manhattan to Paris (with all my possessions in tow), I figured I would find a decent apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood about the same size as the 700sf 1-br I was leaving. Instead, I fell for what the French call a 'coup de coeur' (loving something impulsively) — a sun-flooded 409 sf gem on the tip of Ile de la Cite, in the dead center of Paris. With a deep breath and a tape measure, I spent the weeks before the move figuring out what I could bring, what had to go, and what else I would need...

I think my apartment would make an excellent AT House Tour because of the many space-saving and stylish tricks I've used to not only make everything fit but to maintain the airy feeling of the apartment. This includes everything from transforming a shallow shelf closet into a functional space for half my clothes and shoes to the decision to buy a white TV and stereo so as not to distract from the view, and to splurge on the most fantastic appliance ever - a stovetop/oven/dishwasher combo.

Six months after moving in, I'm very happy with the final results, and would love to share it with the AT Community.

Thanks, Bai!

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