House Call: David Jimenez's Palm Springs Abode

House Call: David Jimenez's Palm Springs Abode

Laure Joliet
Mar 4, 2009

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We featured Designer David Jimenez's immaculate Palm Springs Regency a couple of years ago along with an interview with the style guru. David has played an important role in developing the visual aesthetic of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and as a result has influenced what constitutes style in the American home. Jump below for images of his Palm Springs getaway, a 1956 William Krisel designed 'Alexander' in Palm Springs with some small space inspiration:

David bought the home 15 years ago as a get-away and wanted to redesign staying close to the roots of the home and its mid century heritage. Using local vintage stores to source much of the house, the space is light and airy but has a down to earth feel (with wicker, wood, dark browns and lush textures) that makes the house less designed and more comfortable and warm.

Although overall not a small space, we found ways to apply his design to your own small space:

Use Texture
We especially love the use of wood behind the bed in what must be the guest room. It's a great way to define an unify a small space and you can achieve the look with a diy project using stained plywood, an ikea framed print and some inexpensive but fun bedding from an affordable source like Target. Add some vintage lamps that are yellow (or that you paint yellow) and get the pop of color that makes the small space come alive.

Layer Patterns
Layers of color and pattern throughout the house give a casual elegance to each room while pops of bright colors like orange, yellow and turquoise keep the rooms interesting and lively (as one would expect in Palm Springs). When you use the same color palette from room to room it expands the sense of space. So if you can tie in turquoise from room to room in a vase or a print or a pillow on your bed or if you repeat a pattern in the same way, you can visually enlarge your small space.

Create Vignettes
Don't be afraid to have things in your home. As this home shows, there's quite a bit of stuff, but because it's organized into vignettes, it isn't overwhelming. Make sure to have spaces in your home (on the walls) where there is nothing so that your eye has a chance to rest before taking in the next space.

See all the photos on David Jimenez's Website.

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