House Call: Julie and Yoffy's Art-Filled Space

House Call: Julie and Yoffy's Art-Filled Space

Beth Zeigler
Oct 28, 2008

102808yoffy-03.jpgName: Julie and Yoffy
Location: Culver City
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You might recognize some of the artwork in this particular House Call. AT posted Yoffy's artwork a while back and recently we decided to pay him a visit in his Culver City home. What we found were his colorful canvases highlighting the walls of his space that he shares with his wife, Julie. The artwork is fun and simple, but the conversations they start are not as straightforward. Take for example, one of the many pieces of Yoffy's art that portrays famous personalities--The Olsen Twins. And hanging above the bed no less. Yoffy and Julie like furniture and accessories that also follow the simplicity theme. Flat, clean surfaces combining dark wood and glass that compliment the artwork without overpowering it, allowing the color of the art to pull the eye into it's space. Plenty more photos of Julie and Yoffy's art-filled home after the jump.


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