House Call: Lois's Little Cottage


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Name: Lois
Location: St. Louis

We heard from Lois, who rehabbed a tiny cottage into a cozy home. She writes, It is in St. Louis, MO and built in 1938 for the sum of 500 dollars! I found the original bid when I bought the property. It is 400 sq. feet but I really love it.

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Cottage Before

I've added a 144 sq ft. "studio" in the rear of my cottage to make my little place feel like it has more room. In the winter it begins to feel a bit close : ) in here. So, now I have a little adjunct place to use for a number of writing. Much of what I have in my cottage was purchased from thrift stores and the paint is all "oops" paint from Lowes or Home Depot.

I am so happy to share my frugal, sweet, feng-shui-oriented tiny cottage with you.

Thanks Lois!

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