111808RosaMuerta01.jpgName: Robert Stone Design
Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Size: 1300 s.f

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Architect Robert Stone submitted these amazing photos of a desert rental home he designed which reminds us of an arid interpretation of the Frank Lloyd Wright interiors from Blade Runner coupled with a pavilion-style indoor/outdoor experience like no other. Stark, modern, and reflective of the desert landscape surrounding the 1,300 sq. ft. rental home, the appropriately named Rosa Muerta is an architectural getaway that will reward guests with a unique experience, inside and out. Take a peek below at this lowrider home below...


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111808RosaMuerta03.jpgThe entire house is cut down into the desert floor for a sheltered feel in the open desert.

From Robert: Robert Stone is an architect from Los Angeles who has spent the last few years solo building party houses out in the desert of Joshua Tree. He grew up in Palm Springs and has always harbored an idea for a new desert aesthetic that combines the modernist houses of his hometown with high end inspiration from 90’s Gucci to Minimalist Art, and low-end inspiration from lowrider cars to burned out building shells. The first completed house in this style is Rosa Muerta, a modernist pavilion and “glamping” (glamour camping) site that is available for vacation rental.

111808RosaMuerta04.jpgEverything on the house was built or highly customized by the owner. “I learned to weld building lowriders”.

111808RosaMuerta05.jpgThe black monochrome color scheme emphasizes the surrounding colors of the desert and accentuates the varying textures of the construction and finishes.

111808RosaMuerta06.jpgThe floors step down further into the bedroom, bath, and kitchen area.

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Thanks Robert!