House & Home Roundup | 06.07.2007

House & Home Roundup | 06.07.2007

Aaron Able
Jun 7, 2007

Miesian Masterpiece The majority of this week's edition looks at Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. Exploring both the history and new life as the house opens to public tours, Behind the Glass Wall compiles photographs and memories from Johnson's — and his companion, David Whitney's — friends and colleagues. We had the idea of journeying to New Canaan this summer to tour the house, but we paused for too long and the tours have been mostly filled for the rest of the year! This article and the accompanying slideshow offer a good (but temporary) substitute.

  • Evacuation Homes. Loving New Orleans, With a Ready Escape. To cope with the inevitable, many people affluent or creative enough to do so have recently taken a step unparalleled in the city's history: they have bought evacuation homes. At first we were a bit put off, but after reading we began to wonder when this article would apply to New Yorkers.

  • In the Garden: Above Midtown, a Lilliputian Universe. Container gardening in the city. Wonderful ideas and inspiration from Susan Keiser, owner of Greystone Gardens.

  • Room to Improve: I envy my neighbor's elegant backyard waterfall. How can I install one?

  • Personal Shopper: Pushing the boundaries of Outdoor Furnishings. Lots of designs (many recognizable from ICFF).

    (Photographs by Todd Heisler, Cheryl Gerber, John Lei)

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