House & Home Roundup

House & Home Roundup

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 25, 2004

Small is beautiful, and beautiful is beautiful too. In today's New York Times House and Home section, there is an excellent article on the joys of living in small spaces. "Packing Comfort Into a Pod". While there are definite sacrifices made when arranging your life to fit a small space, there are also tremendous gains to be had, such as spending less money and living with less stuff. What you give up in space, you get back in other parts of your life.

In "Is There a Decorator in the House", we learn the story of all the professional decorators (and one non-professional) who have been brought in to give makeovers to a number of rooms at Mount Sinai Medical Center on Fifth Avenue. Event the morgue is getting a makeover!

If you are looking for hope that the spring is indeed coming, Ken Druse's article, "Seduced By a Skunk Cabbage", will get you going. While this is not a page-turner, the fact that the skunk cabbage is one of the very first plants to break the top of the earth heading for the sunlight is a particularly positive and welcome image after this long winter. MGR

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