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We like collectors, not designers. Why is it that every time the NY Times puts the smiling face of another New York interior designer (A Designer Tutors The Hamptons) on the cover of House & Home we want to puke? I mean, it's not like we don't appreciate the ideas or the cool pictures of the house, but there's something so precious and too cool for school about the whole thing. We liked the woman designer from Montana (or somewhere like that) who was pictured taking a bath in an old horse trough. We like the old, the casual, the organic, the inviting. We like seeing pictures of how people live (like the kit house below by Jean Prouve) rather than how a designer has done up a house.

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That said, we have nothing against Joe Nahem (and think his house is generally cool), and are probably privately wishing it was our picture and our house in that very same spot (after this, it will never happen in the NY Times, that's for sure).

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What we like is stuff people have made and stuff people love. For example, the picture at right is a beautiful glass tile made by Erin Adams in New Mexico. She makes them by melting glass squares on top of one another and joining them with clay. They would make beautiful kitchen backsplashes and will be available through Ann Sacks soon. MGR (all via NYTimes)

- Out of Africa, a House Fit for a Kit Bag
- Between Sun and Skin, Protective Canopies
- Currents

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