House Industries Affordable Typographic Prints

House Industries Affordable Typographic Prints

We were excited to hear from House Industries today letting us know about their new collection of 27 hand-pulled serigraph prints. Not only are they hand made high quality prints but they are large at 20" x 26" so you can start a high impact typographic collection...

All of the 27 new serigraphs are hand-pulled, air-dried and numbered by longtime House Industries collaborator David Dodde. Slow air-drying is an essential step in Dodde's process and allows the use of richly-pigmented inks to reach the unique deep flatness that is characteristic of high quality prints.

The posters are available from House Industries now at $35 each for the large prints (26" x 20") and $18 each for small prints (8.5" x 11")

Head over to House to check out all 27 prints and let us know which ones are your favorites!

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