House Plant that Thrives in VERY Low Light?

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Q: I live in a relatively dark Manhattan apartment on a low floor, with windows that block UV light. Only one room gets very bright for a few hours. It's not a cave, but it's not what you call a sunny apartment.

I'd like to have one plant in the bedroom, maybe two. Is there any such thing as a plant that thrives in darkness? That just seems like too much to ask. But I thought I would ask!

I'm also curious - do any of the herbs do well without direct sunlight? Rosemary might smell nice in the bedroom?

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Editor: Last summer, Susie at Apartment Therapy:SF recommended the Sansevieria - here is her post. Can anyone out there with green thumbs help Omnidora out with some more suggestions and advice? Let us know in the comments below - thanks!

(Image: Susie Nadler/Apartment Therapy: San Francisco)

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Good Questions

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