House Tour: Tamara's Stately Digs

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Name: Tamara Van Nuck
Location: Long Beach
Contact: Van Nuck Design

Not everyone practices what they preach but I can say without a doubt that Tamara Van Nuck practices her craft at home.

I have the pleasure of being Tamara’s upstairs neighbor, and we have become great friends over the past couple years. She is also the principal of Van Nuck Design Interiors, a small but mighty interior design company located in Long Beach.

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Tamara’s eye for color and composition is startling, as well her ability to find the perfect little goodies for every nook and cranny. I always leave her house pouting a bit, wanting to clean, redecorate my life and thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

Tamara is the queen bee for organization and often helps her clients through clutter clearing as well as decorating while she’s there. Though her company is located in Long Beach, she has traveled the globe working, including South Africa and Thailand. She is currently gearing up for another trip to South Africa in early July and will be returning in the fall. If you’re interested in working with her I highly suggest booking now as her calendar is already getting full for her return.

I asked Tamara her number one tip for making a space look good and she said it is definitely organization. She said that even a home that needs work looks better when clean and organized. She said it’s a good rule of thumb to start cleaning when you lose something. You’ll clear your mind, your environment and find those pesky house keys as well.

- Richele

Tamara Van Nuck

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