Escapes: Number 31, Leeson Close, Dublin

Name: Maxwell, Sara Kate & Ursula
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Link: Number 31

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[Note: this is from our trip last summer - a memorable one.] Just back from Ireland, we saw some amazing things (which we'll be blogging over the next two weeks), one of which was the amazing interior design at Number 31. If you are going to Dublin, want a place to stay and want to pamper yourself, we recommend it...

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Walking in, jet lagged and bleary at 8am in the morning, we were greeted with the super cool retro 70's styling of the modernist mews by noted architect Sam Stephenson. Check out the sunken living room and the mirrored bar.

The place is a very appealing combination of the modernist side, complete with dining room for awesome breakfasts, a garden and then a classical Georgian townhouse on the other side. The style and the rooms of the two halves are completely different.

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Of particular note was our bedroom, which featured a Hastens bed - you know, the kind that start at around $20k. Bed aside, we particularly liked the styling of the space which consisted of the following:

- dark sisal floor
- smooth, white, but very, very textured stone walls
- raw cedar strips on the ceiling

The combination of all these natural and semi organic surfaces and ingredients gave the room a really fresh and clean - but stylish - feeling. We couldn't help but note that the price tag for this effect would not have been high. Someone with a good eye and a canny interior design sense was as work here as he or she was everywhere else in the place.

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We had no idea that we'd find such a love for the modern (particularly the vintage modern) in Ireland, but the longer we stayed, we realized that the Irish Tiger economy of the last 10 years coupled with the Irish peacefulness, curiosity and openness towards the world in general make it a very natural place for an eclectic mix of old and new, modern and classical.

(ReEdited from 2007-07-16 - MGR)