House Tour: Nicholas & Alison's Graceful Balance

House Tour: Nicholas & Alison's Graceful Balance

Dec 14, 2007

Name: Alison and Nicholas
Profession: Small clothing business co-owners (Alison Rose) & Nicholas is also an elementary art teacher
Location: Columbus, OH (Grandview neighborhood)
Owned/Rented: Rented
Type: 2 bedroom townhouse
Size: 850 sq ft
Years lived in: 1.5

The basement is the reason they signed the lease. Running their (currently) side (one day, full-time) business from their home, the basement is the first space, in their shared housing history, Alison and Nick can fit their mammoth printing press.

The second bedroom acts as their studio and office, where Alison completes her sewing, Nicholas perfects his one-line drawing, and every Alison Rose order is received and processed. Yet they maintain a separate living and dining room, and have a sanctuary of a bedroom which, after a couple of pre-craft fair all-nighters, is the perfect place to crash.

Photo credit: All photos by Alison and Nicholas

By touring the country on the craft circuit, Nicholas & Alison have also been able to build an impressive collection of artwork. Each artifact has been hand-selected and carefully placed on display. Since their collection is supplemented with smaller and cheaper buys, they can easily switch pieces out, keeping their surroundings fresh and uncluttered. To Alison and Nicholas, art is about falling in love with what they see every day. When they're no longer gaga, they pass the piece along, be it "serious art" or a plastic dolly with no arms and marker on its face.

our Style... Cute utility (with a dash of hilarious)

the Inspiration... Vintage finds, organization

favorite Element... A warm comfy feel, a creative lived-in space

biggest Challenge... Working around the small kitchen

what Friends Say... "Awww, what a cute idea..."

biggest Embarrassment... The sometimes awkward bathroom set-up

proudest DIY... Bedroom storage

biggest Indulgence... Studio (ie. Computer)

best Advice... Let yourself be inspired by your surroundings. Keep creating.

our Dream Source... Antiques


• Patterned chair: Ashley Furniture
• Side table next to patterned chair: Thrift store in Kent, OH
• Coffee table: IKEA
• TV console: Target
• Sofa: Sofa Express Outlet
• CD (etc.) shelving: IKEA
• Victrola: Nicholas' family
• Dining table & chairs: Alison's grandpa
• Grace's chair: Thrift store in Kent, OH
• Shelving in dining room: IKEA
• Red cart in kitchen: Alison's grandpa. Originally, it was olive green & Alison spray painted it a glossy red.
• Vanity in bedroom: Antique Mall
• Storage cubbies in bedroom: DIY shelving made from pegboard and black zip ties

• Blue throw blanket: Meijer
• Wood crate for magazine centerpiece: Thrift store
• ReadyMade magazines: Subscription
• Mirror above mantle: Thrift store
• Soy candle on mantle: Wholly Craft
• Guitar: Alvarez Guitars
• Ukulele: Borrowed from Nicholas' band mate, Eric Metronome
• Wine rack: Alison's grandpa
• Green pillow on Grace's chair: Pillow Dream Project
• Dishes on dining room table: Antique Mall
• Knitted cotton hot pads: jellyknits
• Mirrored shelves in dining room: Thrift store in Urbana, OH
• DIY spice rack: Shelf from Target; jars from World Market
• Red coffee pot: World Market
• Shower curtain: Target
• Switchplate covers outside bathroom & in studio: Love Lights
• R2-D2 trashcan: Hand-painted by Alison & Nicholas
• Hand-braided wool rug in studio: Made by Alison's grandma
• Bedding: Target
• Vintage radio at bedside: Altered into iPod stereo

Alison Rose HQ
• Sewing table: Flea market in Steubenville, OH
• Sewing machine: Bernina 1008
• Lamp on sewing table: IKEA
• Shelving near sewing table: IKEA
• Full-size mannequin: Alison's college graduation present from family
• Mini dress form: Kent State University
• Cork wall tiles: Target
• Headless mannequin: Damaged display from lingerie shop
• Printing press: Gift from Mike at Night Sweats and T-Cells
• General printing supplies: Richardson Supply
• Pegboard tool organizer: Alison & Nicholas DIY
• Metal tool storage trays: The Container Store
• Industrial ink storage shelving: Lowe's

• Lamp near patterned chair: IKEA
• Lamps in bedroom: Lowe's

Window Treatments
• Curtains in dining room: Alison made from fabric purchased at Denver Fabric
• Curtains in bedroom: TJ Maxx
• Curtains in inkshop: Vintage fabric from a yard sale

• "Big Eye" art in living room: Thrift store
• Metal Elvis stencil (seen in mirror reflexion): Souvenir shop in Lake Geneva, WI
• Yellow Elephant print in dining room: Matt Cipov
• Large print in dining room: Made by a friend in college
• Virgin Collection: Various thrift stores
• Spray paint stencil portrait on vinyl: Joseph Nocera
• "Flea Market Open" sign: Thrift store in MA
• Art above kitchen doorway: Dolan Geiman
• Collage art outside bathroom: Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO
• Large owl embroidery: Yard sale
• "Nobody's Perfect" owl embroidery: Thrift store
• Painted '45s: Milan Zori
• Pink & orange painting in studio: Katie Brown
• Tiny art near vanity: Mark Traugher
• Art above bed: One of Alison's grandma's favorites
• "Alpaca Babee" in bedroom: Made from recycled sweaters; purchased at Renegade, Chicago
• "The Smiths" poster: Gift from a friend in college

• Bath wall & trim: Olympic Premium paint

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