Ario's Texture and Colour

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Name: Ario Pratomo
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Size: 72 sq. meters (775 sq. ft.)
Years lived in: 1 year

We've highlighted homes from Singapore, India, the Philippines, and quite a few from Australia. But now we can proudly add Indonesia to our list of international house tours...more specifically, Jakarta, the capital and most populated city of Southeast Asia. Known for its colorful cosmopolitan character and a diverse cultural landscape, today's house tour reflect all these elements in a small space home which combines a sense of modernity with that of Jakarta's cross-cultural affinity for colors and texture...

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AT Survey:

My/Our style: Colorful, vintage, but also hi-tech

Inspiration: Bits and pieces from everywhere. Cafes, pubs, furniture store, offices..

Favorite Element: Bricks wall in the living room

Biggest Challenge: Size! Its very very small! Can’t really figure out where to put things

What Friends Say: "CUTE!"

Biggest Embarrassment: the smelly watering system in the main bathroom. Can't seem to figure out what’s wrong. And, the fact that we have so many shoes, but no place to store it due to, again, a small apartment.

Proudest DIY: Designing the house together with the spouse and our interior designer.

Biggest Indulgence: Spending time in the living room with playstation, dvd and lots of nibbles.

Dream source: Electronic Store!

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Appliances: Teka, LG and Electrolux.

Furniture: Living Room: All furniture are custom made by Live a Life.

Accessories: Ikea, Live a Life (mostly), Sony Playstation, vintage local market, gift from friends.

Lighting: Live a Life (mostly), vintage local market.

Tiles and Stone: Vintage local market.

Window Treatments: Curtain by Live a Life.

Paint: Dulux in Kiwi Island.


Other: Wallpaper by Goodrich

(Thanks, Ario!)

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(Photos by Ario Pratomo)