House Tour: Chez Patrick & Julian

Paris, France

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Name: Patrick & Julian
Location: Paris
Rent or own: Own
Size: 1,000 sq/ft
Years lived in: 10

Patrick is a French sculptor and design school director who moved into this old atelier in Montmartre 10 years ago to use as a workshop. The airy, open space had been converted into a dance studio, and mirrors covered the walls in the high-ceilinged, split-level loft. "I lived with them for a bit," Patrick says. "But at a certain point being constantly faced with yourself and in your own company, it gets to be a bit much." The mirrors went, and five years ago, Patrick moved his workshop and turned the place into the home where he now lives with Julian, who is British...

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Patrick's taste for high design is evident everywhere, from the Prouvé dining room table and Donald Judd seating in primary colors to his newest purchase, a Konstantin Grcic chair. Mixed with vintage pieces, his own light sculptures and contemporary accessories like a MoMA clock and a silicone vase he picked up in Amsterdam, the space achieves that tricky harmony between past and present that Europeans do so well.

The upstairs bedroom has slanted opaque glass windows that let in light, and a Le Corbusier chair that the men use as a bench to lift weights. They recently opened up a wall and carved out a second bedroom/TV room on the ground floor that has sliding doors, as well as an en suite toilet. They plan to remodel the kitchen and upstairs bathroom in September, taking out the tub and putting in a big open shower, like so many Parisians these days. The only thing that's missing is a view, says Julian. But the couple travels frequently, usually swapping apartments when they do. "We always try to find a place with a balcony or a view," says Patrick.

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- Kristin Hohenadel blogging from rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France. If you have an idea for a European house tour, please write kristinh @ apartmenttherapy . com