House Tour: David's Andersonville Apartment

House Tour: David's Andersonville Apartment

Janel Laban
Nov 2, 2006

Name: David
Location: Andersonville
Size: 1200 sq/ft
Years lived in: 2

David has this huge place all to himelf. He's been busy curating a home that is warm, filled with humor and style. His apartment is dramatic and glamorous, yet in this case that doesn't preclude a feeling that is also friendly and fun (one of the original photos he sent us is of a "waffle party" taking place in the living room).

David is a collector, a lover of art and curiosities. He shops high ticket (Holly Hunt) and low (free! from his Mom's garage and basement) and everywhere in between. To name a few: estate sales on the North Shore, IKEA, Ms. Hunt's sample sales, Target and the School of the Art Institute annual sale.

Photos by Evan Thomas

When he finds something he loves, he makes it work; he bought a Victorian parlor chair that someone decided to turn into a latrine chair. He says, "I found it and thought it was the coolest thing ever....and spent more on having the fabric and tacks redone and the chair reglued than I spent on buying the actual chair."

He also knows what will and will not work for him, and a skimpy closet wasn't cutting it. He converted the larger master bedroom into a dressing room, which in his own words, "always looks like a nightmare but it helps me to keep the rest of the place tidy."

A mix of classic Chicago apartment architecture, personal style, art, fabulous furniture and color - Thanks David for this look into your home!