House Tour: David's Vintage Upgrade with Style

House Tour: David's Vintage Upgrade with Style

Jill Slater
Aug 20, 2008

Name: David
Location: Brooklyn Heights
Size: 1200 sqft 1-bdrm coop
Years lived in: 1 year


When David moved out of his studio apartment and into this gorgeous high-celinged one-bedroom apartment, he was overwhelmed, to say the least. Most fortuitously, his former neighbor and friend in the East Village was none other than David Cafiero of Cafiero Select. He gave David a call and made a plea for help...


While David knows what he likes in terms of nostalgia and cool kitsch (fueled by his position as Director of Communications at Housing Works), he claims no confidence in breaking up a large space or in picking out a couch. Mr. Cafiero came to the rescue, took David on a couple of important shopping sprees and forged an incredible space that was really a collaboration between these two great minds.

The first stop was the NY Design Center where Mr. Cafiero pushed David to be very bold in the wallpaper department. He assured David that using such a dark wallpaper in the dark entryway would only make the light, open feel of the main space feel even lighter and more open. Mr. Cafiero also knew that it was more than ok to continue with the same pattern in the bedroom to add a feeling of regal living.

Next stop was the Stamford Design Center where they found a vintage outlet full of what some people might refer to as 'junk.' There David was able to pick up the dining room chairs.

Big tips for David from Mr. Cafiero included putting the sectional couch in the middle of the room (Mr. C helped David choose the couch from Mitchell Gold--it's faux suede that works very well with the cats) and to use a giant sisal rug to delineate that area. The desk on an angle in the corner was a classic interior designer intervention and came straight from Mr. Cafiero's shop.

David found Pippin Home all on his own and bought some great old photos there as well as some vintage furniture. He refers to it is his hidden gem.

In all, the pieces work wonderfully together. The colors and the light invite one in and make it hard to leave.

AT Survey:

Style: Eclectic WOW!

Inspiration: 19-century French textile design, my high-school bedroom, my father, Speed Racer

Favorite Element: Wallpaper, obviously

Biggest Challenge: How to divide large living room.

What Friends Say: "Wow, you've really upgraded." "I want to lick your wallpaper." "Great place."

Biggest Embarrassment: Big chair with ottoman shredded by cats and my edge-of-death plants.

Proudest DIY: Seducing decorator-to-the-stars David Cafiero into working with me via brunch.

Biggest Indulgence: Wallpaper. Not cheap, and it ain't coming with me if I leave.

Best Advice: Big sisal rug. It's a more or less blank slate that allows you to use whatever furniture you like but still organizes the room.

Dream Source: Sotheby's so I could buy a series of David Hockney paintings to hang from the currently unused picture rail over my bed. Not only do I love Hockney, his palette would go with my wallpaper!


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