House Tour: Dan & Eszter's Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Home

House Tour: Dan & Eszter's Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Home

Nov 11, 2008

Name: Dan & Eszter Rabin
Location: Noe Valley, San Francisco
Size: 1000 sq. ft.
Years lived in: 4

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People's homes should reflect their personalities, and their lives. Dan and Eszter's does. It's a welcoming space, full of art and books and vintage modern pieces, all of which are meaningful to them.

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AT Survey:
Our style: Eclectic mid-century modern.

Inspiration: Italian/French apartments from the 1950s to today.

Favorite element: The natural light and the colors.

Biggest challenge: We are renters, therefore lots of features have to stay the same.

What friends say: It's welcoming and warm.

Biggest embarrassment: The baby pink tile in the bathroom that we can't do anything about.

Biggest indulgence: Buying artwork and a Room & Board couch.

Dream source: The store Habitat and loads of European magazines.


• Crate & Barrel
• Restoration Hardware
• Williams-Sonoma

• Cole Hardware
• Restoration Hardware

• Room & Board
• Flea market/street
• Craigslist
• Family

• Habitat
• Flea market
• Family
• Craigslist

• Flea market
• Pier 21

• Polo Ralph Lauren

• Original 1930s inlay parquette

Thanks, Dan & Eszter!

(Check out Eszter's custom-designed, letterpress-printed wedding invitations, stationery, and cards at Emma Rose Papery.)

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Dan and Eszter would just like to share their home with our readers.)

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