House Tour: Home in the Heart of Provence

House Tour: Home in the Heart of Provence

Aaron Able
Feb 27, 2008

Comfortable and spacious, Le Paty is the second home of Robert Burns and his wife, Isabelle Pisani. The couple purchased the home in the late 90's to act as a family retreat for their large (and growing) extended family. Though it appears old in the exterior photographs, the home was built in 1990 out of salvaged stones from a dilapidated barn on the property. Readers may recognize Le Paty as the home in the 2003 film Swimming Pool starring Charlotte Rampling...

With views of the interior, it is easier to see that this is a newer home (such large open rooms!) See the entire article, Near Avignon, a Peaceful Retreat, and slideshow from The New York Times. Because the home is infrequently used to its full potential, the couple has recently put it on the market.

(Pics: Richard L. Harbus)

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