House Tour: Hanna's Simple and Sunny Home

House Tour: Hanna's Simple and Sunny Home

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 13, 2009

Name: Hanna, owner of Sanctuary Home, Bath and Garden
Location: Austin, Texas
Size: 1500 sq.ft.
Years Lived in: Renting for less than a year


Local design and gift store owner Hanna Curran is the first to admit that her home features lots of furniture from IKEA and other affordable stores. Along with being busy with her business, her and her husband have moved around a lot in recent years. Where some might not bother to put much time or effort into a temporary home's decor, Hanna's simple, fast and affordable ideas have made this relocated 1920's bungalow modern, fresh and clean! If you've been holding off on making your home its happiest because of your own temporary living or financial situation, check out Hanna's ideas for inspiration! More after the jump...

We often think of large projects when we use the term DIY, but for those not inclined to wield power tools, you can still participate in the DIY spirit. We like to think of Do-It-Yourself as considering everything around you as inspiration for bettering your home, and taking the steps needed, however big or small, to customize your home to fit your needs. This theory certainly applies to Hanna's home, where simple yet fun and effective ideas were put into place to create her home's signature style.


Our favorite ideas in this house involve the wall art and accessories. The living room features framed wrapping paper, a Susy Jack calendar attached to a painted canvas and two gorgeously simple pieces of artwork made of painted canvas and found foam shapes from a craft store. Pillows on the couch look expensive, but are made by sewing Tikoli tea towels to less expensive fabric for a backing. Hanna customized an otherwise hum-drum side table by placing some of the same framed wrapping paper under glass.

Everywhere you look in the house, something unusual or creative is used as art. Wrapping paper, scrap pieces of wall paper, postcards, invitations even advertisements cut out of magazines! Hanna used her creativity and skills to frame or mount her findings in ways that make them more expensive looking than they are. Some items are framed nicely, others framed floating in glass, even more are placed on painted canvas and given a coating of gloss.

What makes Hanna's home so unique is she's always on the lookout for patterns, colors or graphics that catch her eye, wherever she may find them. Keeping her furniture uniform, light-colored and simple also means that she's able to switch decors or change locations easily and without much need for new furniture. If you're looking to make a home feel fuller or more decorated on a tight budget or without a lot of furniture, don't neglect spaces like stairway landings, hallways and entryways. Hanna's home features several small and simple vignettes that make a huge impact and make her home feel more colorful and homey. Though not filled to the brim, Hanna's home is still personalized and cozy, while still reflecting both her and her husband's clean and minimal style.


AT Survey:

My style: Soft modern. I like light woods, whites and smokey pastels. I love my house but my dream house would be the Prefab Glidehouse by Michelle Kaufman. I really do like the designs and prices of Ikea, especially since I tend to like to change my furniture.

Favorite Room: I love the guest bathroom. It's big enough for a hug chair and feels a little spa like. I also love how the staircase twists and turns into the living room and also the kitchen. That is what made me really want to live here.

Inspiration: My Store, Sanctuary. I really have decorated the house exactly like the store and I love how it makes me feel. It's very clean, uncluttered, and pretty. As inspiration for them both I can definitely credit Domino, Design sponge, Apartment Therapy, and Decor8. Between these four sources, as well as just constant investigation on the internet, I finally found a style that feels good.

Biggest Challenge: My husband's pool table does not exactly fit my aesthetic and it's also HUGE, so when we moved it was hard to find a house that would fit it without being too awkward. The other odd ball item is that this is a really old house so there is no laundry room, leaving us to stick the washer and dryer in the kitchen.... we are still tackling this and there is no way to get around it so far.

Most Talked about Element: The staircase is very unique and not found in newer homes. My dogs still get a little confused sometimes. I love the character it brings to the house.

Biggest Embarrassment: I won't call it an embarassment, but the one place that I just don't touch is my husband's office. It is very manly, all the furniture is black and there are lots of electronics and guitars. But it is his and since he let me decorate the rest of the house in pastels I can't complain.

Proudest DIY: I'm really happy with both my modern art pieces assembled from shapes I got at Michael's and some old canvases and the Suzy Jack calendar picture. Suzy Jack uses the most incredible colors and I think it adds a great splash of color, with a small price tag.

Oldest Item you Own: The screen behind our guest room was given to me by a friend of the family and came from India. I usually get rid of things within a year, but I have had this one for a while. In addition to the amazing craftmanship of it, it has a lot of sentimental value.

Best advice: If you have the money, go for those amazing designer pieces..... I will admit the quality and beauty is unbeatable. If you dont, find ways to create the look you want for less. My budget was so small, but I just kept looking for cheap ways to bring in the look I want. It helps that I have a store of course. Stationary and gift stores have tons of hidden ideas that can be turned into art.

Cleaning or Organizing Tip: I have accepted that I will never be able to escape dog hair no matter how much I vacuum, but I keep trying. As far as organizing, my philosophy is get rid of it. Clutter makes me crazy, so unless I think I really need it or will need it in the next 3 months I just don't keep it around. I might be a little over the top about that.

Biggest Indulgence: Carrot cake.... Just kidding. I love textiles. I have a number that I have bookmarked on Etsy and will slowly order. Etsy in general is another inspiration and indulgence. I can get lost in there for HOURS and have found a number of vendors for the store this way.

(Thanks, Hanna!)


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