House Tour: Turret Triplex

House Tour: Turret Triplex

Aaron Able
Mar 6, 2008

Have you dreamed of living in a turret room? How about a three-floor turret apartment across the street from Central Park? I have a good friend who lives near New York's first Cancer Hospital on the Upper West Side — after passing the empty building for years, it was a pleasant surprise to see an apartment featured in The New York Times. Built in the 1880's, the building has changed drastically in the last decade. Now, the large round towers of the former hospital are high-end luxury homes, giving the lucky owners a chance to attempt furnishing round rooms...

More Than One Revival in a Manhattan Ruin explains Cynthia and Dan Lufkin's unique attachment to their home in the chapel of the former cancer hospital (she is a cancer survivor). The detailed renovation takes advantage of the 38-foot ceilings (!) and pays homage to the history of the space...

(Pics: Bruce Buck)

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