House Tour: Kathryn's Loft Life

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Name: Kathryn
Location: Lakeview
Size: 1760 sq. ft.

Kathryn loves lofts. Growing up in Texas and then living in NYC, her move to Chicago also meant moving into loft style living. First as a renter and then as an owner, she had lived in two earlier Chicago lofts before finding her perfect home.

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The search for this one took nearly a year. Kathryn told us that at times it felt like she'd looked in nearly every building with lofts in Chicago. This one fit the bill (glorious light and space, concrete vs. timber, roof deck, full laundry room) except that at the last moment she discovered that her car didn't fit in the parking space. Time to be decisive - she sold the car and bought the loft.

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Kathryn followed the "take your time and get it right" rule for furnishing the loft as well. When she moved in, her circa 1987 furniture was sold. She "camped" in the living room for four months while she considered her options before the orange chairs arrived.

Kathryn just purchased the amazing paintings in the dining area by Adam Siegel this year, after wanting art there for years. When she saw them she knew it was right. The careful editing has paid off. The space is warm, happy and calm. The objects and color work in harmony with the open, white space.

An inspiring home from an inspiring woman - Thanks Kathryn! -janel

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