House Tour: Laura's Traditional, "No Place Like Home"

House Tour: Laura's Traditional, "No Place Like Home"

Rachael Grad
Feb 26, 2009

Name: Laura
Occupation: health policy analyst
Location: U Street Corridor, Washington DC
Size: about 650 sq.ft.
Lived in: rented for 7 months


Born and raised in Kansas City, Laura brought many pieces from home when she moved to DC last year. Rather than follow design trends, Laura chooses traditional pieces that suit her personality and make her happy, like wooden barrister bookcases and Tiffany lamps. Modern, bright accessories mix with her classic furniture. Each item has a good story behind it, like the living room artwork made by Laura's great-great-Aunt in 1903-04. Full AT survey, more info, and pictures below the jump...


, an antique shop in Kansas City and has helped Laura pick her decor. It's obvious that Laura is an expert antique mall shopper. She has collected good-quality, classic furniture to last. Accessories and small items are where Laura brings in bold color and design trends.


My Style: simple.

Inspiration: personal belongings. Books are a big part of my decor!

Favorite Element: the fireplace and wall sconces. You don't see details like that in newer places.

What Friends Say: depends on which friends! They like the bedroom design and details, with the fireplace and dresser between the sconces.

Biggest Embarrassment: the kitchen. Too bad it's old and in such rough shape. There is room for a small table but I don't want to sit back there. It's not attractive with the linoleum coming up and ancient cabinets.

Proudest DIY: the dresser. I got it from my uncle and it had been slathered in many coats of cheap paint. I stripped the paint, then sanded and oiled the wood. It took a couple of weeks but the piece looks beautiful.

Biggest Indulgence: the side tables.

Best Advice: encourage simplicity and little clutter. Surround yourself with things that make you happy. I don't get too trendy because it's important to have a style consistent with my personality, especially for the basics.

Dream Source: Accessories from RCKNDY and a kitchen that I could do start-to-finish on my own. I like to cook and entertain and would love a big old butcher's block.


Furniture: living room couch, chairs, and footstool from Dillard's in Kansas City; barrister bookcases: one from Uncle and the other bought from a friend; desk and chair in living room from my grandma; dresser from my Uncle; metal side table in living from Pottery Barn; bedroom mirrored side tables from Urban Essentials and Target; bed bought in Columbia, Missouri

Lighting: Tiffany lamps from Eddie Bauer home, Pottery Barn, and estate sales in Kansas City; sconces from the Brass Knob

Accessories: pillows and time table in living room from RCKNDY; coatrack from an antique mall in Kansas City; silver pieces in fireplace from Marshall's and Pottery Barn; blue chest from Kansas City; curtains and bathmat from West Elm

Art: sketches done by great-great-Aunt in 1903-04. We found a folder with the sketches in my grandma's house when cleaning it out. All the photos are from my family and/or memories of home. All have a story behind them.


Thanks, Laura!

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