House Tour: Lisa's Colorful Mission Abode

House Tour: Lisa's Colorful Mission Abode

Sep 28, 2006

Name: Lisa
Location: Mission District
Size: 850 sq. ft.

Lisa's apartment is the perfect prelude to AT's Color Month. It's bursting with color and ever-changing vignettes, inspiration for her art (which you can see on her website). She says, "My apartment is full of vignettes. i like to cluster things together of like colors and styles. or sometimes contrasting colors and styles. it's about creating little narratives that catch the eye and tell a story...or just look pretty together."

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Years lived in: 3

Inspiration: I am really inspired by designers who aren't afraid to use color and bold, graphic patterns. Jonathan Adler and Orla Kiely are two favorites.

My style: I love mid-century design. But I am also a big fan of whimsical vintage stuff (some people would call it junk), which I collect during regular trips to my favorite thrift stores. My bedroom is almost like a kid's room because I love toys and cute Japanese stuff.

Favorite room: My studio and bedroom are where I spend most of my time. They are really one huge room connected by a large opening in the wall. All my favorite things are in those rooms: fabric, art supplies, my toys, special artwork, and my clothes, purses and shoes.

Most talked-about element: I'd say my fabric collection in my studio or the plastic utensil collection in the kitchen. People go crazy for those when they come over.

Most embarrassing element: I am not embarrassed of anything in my house.

Proudest DIY: Painting the spaces between the crown molding on the ceiling of my living room pea green.

Dream source: My tastes are too eclectic to have one design source, but I'd really like an unlimited run of Design Within Reach for the basics.

Reality source: Thrift stores and an occasional mid-century shop with good prices.

Best advice: Don't be afraid of color. It will make you happy and give you more creative energy.

Found treasure: Almost everything in my apartment is a found treasure.

Had forever: My vintage Eames DCM chair. It was my first authentic mid-century purchase years and years ago.

Just got: My duvet cover from Dwell Home.

Thanks, Lisa!

(Editor's note: We're leaving the comments off for this one. Lisa just wants to share her apartment!)

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