12 Days Living In & Off The Land of Ice


Iceland is nothing if not a tremendous amount of outdoors and is certainly an escape from New York City. Thanks to incredibly aberrational good weather, my husband and I were able to celebrate our honeymoon in the fresh air. We ate, cooked, slept, and lived outside continuously for 10 straight days...
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Our roof was the ever lit sky (this time of year, the sky goes from dusk to dawn with nothing in between); our floor was the softest, thickest blanket of moss one could imagine; and the art on our walls was breathtaking from every angle. Wild camping is permitted in most of the country, so very often we were the only animate objects for miles. We set up camp within the vista of a mountain, fjord, ocean, or raging river and made sure that the tent faced in such a direction as to afford us the perfect view with the first unzip of the tent in the morning.

For those who do live within 4 walls in Iceland, a surprising number of those walls are covered in corrugated metal. Throughout the country, if there is a town with more than a few houses, most of them will be clad in corrugated metal and take the shape of the preferred vernacular. For Reykjavik, the style of many homes is Victorian or Queene Anne with corrugated metal! Minimalist Scandinavian style is pervasive indoors but for some reason, the more decorative approach won out on the exteriors of many homes in Iceland's capital. A bizarre juxtaposition to be sure.

There is always something to behold in Iceland, be it jarring architectural choices or the vastness of a volcano's lava river, hardened and blackened over 10, 100, or 1,000 years.

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(Images: Jill Slater and Marc Schwartzberg)