House Tour: Margaret Unpacks

New York

Name: Margaret
Location: Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Size: 720 sqft
Years lived in: 1 month (rented)

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In hopes of boosting the new year resolutions in all of you, today's house tour is a work in progress. Margaret, a sustainability advisor and founder of Green Drinks NYC is slowly moving in. After a month, she has created a basic layout for the apartment, she has introduced great colors through textiles, artwork, and beautiful green plants, and she has started to organize her stuff...

margarethousetour11.JPG margarethousetour05.JPG margarethousetour29.JPG margarethousetour10.JPG

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And all the while, Margaret is keeping her goal of a sustainable home at the forefront. This means reusing materials, introducing as few toxic materials into the home as possible, and creating a sustainable organizational structure--one that she will be able to maintain and that will improve the quality of her life at home.

Margaret faces a few layout challenges. She has an extraordinarily narrow bedroom, a walk-through closet that connects her front room and rear living area, and few storage areas. The open closet will have to be as neat as possible while also allowing for easy pass through. I suggested additional shelving to accommodate even more of her books. I encouraged Margaret to try to put the majority of her utilitarian belongings in cabinets or closets in order to leave room in the apartment for more of her beautiful belongings to command attention.

Margaret was in move-in mode at the time of this photo shoot. So much so, that we moved her cozy armchair from the back room to the front room mid-session! The rooms are starting to feel lived in and the space is starting to come together. Stay tuned in the next couple of months for a follow-up tour. Margaret will find a place for her vibrant and warm elements, paint the walls, build some shelving out of recycled materials, and finally feel at home.

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