House Tour: New Family Home #1

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Name: Small Family of 3
Location: West Village, NYC
Size: 725 sf

Sweet job. We recently embarked on a great Apartment Therapy job with a family that is giving us carte blanche to do up their new home as long as we keep the affordable and turn it around quickly (they want to move in). We going to track the progress in detail every few days. This post contains all the "before" pics, taken before Thanksgiving....

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Since then we've quickly repainted each room and done the floors (yes, it's a rental, but it's also a home and we think putting money into the floors is WORTH it).

The apartment is the whole top floor of a small townhouse with great light on the front, back and in the middle (via two skylights). That said, right now it's BORING, and our job is to give it style and comfort asap. Watch us go!

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