House Tour: New Family Home #5

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Best Things About Our New Home:

• More space is fun (particularly the empty space)
• Seeing sunlight rocks
• Ursula sleeps in her own room

• Our bathroom isn't the size of a postage stamp (I can dry myself in there)
• The heat is steady (ie. it's not freezing at night or in the middle of the day)
• Being able to walk around both sides of the bed feels like a luxurious bonus

Worst Things About Our New Home (there are less of these...phew!)

• It doesn't smell like home (it smells like paint and sheetrock)
• The streetside is NOISY (the garbage trucks wake Ursula up)
• The rent is a lot more and we feel a pressure that never existed before
• The building is quiet and people keep more to themselves
• It's a lot further to our compost...

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Our jumbo amaryllis has gone BOOM this past week
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A big purchase over Christmas we Tibor Kalman's M&Co oversized clock. Been wanting this for five years...
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We bought the bird feeder two weekends ago, but haven't had any birds yet. Very depressed about that.


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This is a favorite lamp from Marston and Langinger with FROSTA side table from Ikea and the Sleepytime rocker from NurseryWorks
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This was a big purchase and another winner: the Eames LCW...

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