House Tour: Peter's Light Loft Living

House Tour: Peter's Light Loft Living

Lily Gahagan
Feb 24, 2009

Name: Peter Reis 

Location: SOMA - SF 

Size: 1024 sq. ft 

Years lived in: 4
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The moment we walked into Peter's apartment we were struck by the wall of light emanating from the space's gigantic windows. Well, actually it might have first been the homemade "Mr. T" duct tape portrait that struck us... then the horizontally mounted Ikea mirrors in the front hallway. As it turned out, though the layout and design of the place were top-notch, we couldn't help but be sidetracked by all the thoughtful details that had been worked in to the space...

From big projects to small space-saving solutions, there are clever, creative ideas all over. Notice the kitchen island, which on closer inspection is actually two shopping carts on end, fronts cut off and welded together. Or the jigsaw tables in the living area, a DIY project that can be easily reconfigured to form anywhere from four tables to one. On a smaller scale, the magnetic spice jars attached to the microwave save space and add a few little pops of color. Also, Peter's DVD player is housed in a drawer below the TV, effectively cutting out any clutter, and his "gym" is easily stored in a nearby bookshelf. These things add up and contribute greatly to the open, balanced feeling of the home.

Judging by these creative solutions, it may come as no surprise that Reis is from a family of artists (sister Klari's artwork can be seen throughout the house), and though Peter began his career in tech sales, he's now starting a consumer products company to put his creativity and design interest to further use. We just hope there's a home decor line in the works!

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My style: I try to follow some of the tenets of good logo design. Clean. Balanced. Everything having a reason for being there.

The inspiration for my home: George Hauser (architect of the building), Orla Kiely, Warhol, Rocky III. Maybe some OCD.

Favorite element: Invisible Gym:

- Pull-up bar that blends with decor

- SelectTech dumbbells (great space saver)

- Exercise ball doubles as work chair

Biggest challenge in designing my home: Being patient. Waiting for a sale or for a desired item to pop up on Craigslist

What friends say about my home: "I like the colors." "Are those shopping carts?"

Biggest embarrassment in my home:

- Purchasing shampoo/conditioner based on whether or not it matches the decor.

- Not completely painting under the bathroom sink (only visible from a...uh...certain angle)

- dead plants on the patio

Proudest DIY: Coffee Table(s)

Biggest indulgence with respect to my home: Definitely the headboard.

Best advice given or received:

"Buy fewer items, but of high quality."

"Buy heavy things."

"Make your bed." - Mom

Dream source for stuff: Limn

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Dresser/Bookcase/Console Table/Bed-side tables - Craigslist importer

Bed - Ligne Roset, Lumeo headboard paired with West Elm platform bed

Bed-side Lamps - Crate and Barrel

Art - "Ritalin" - epoxy polymer on aluminum, Klari Reis

Mirror - IKEA Hovet

Main room:

Kitchen Island - This thing is weird. Didn't want to spend big bucks for an island, but needed more counter space and a way to break up the open layout. Keeping with the trend of bringing the outdoors in, I made the base out of shopping carts to reflect my "up and coming" SOMA neighborhood. It's Derelique. The carts were cut above the wheels, turned on-end and re-welded. The top is part of an IKEA butcher block table flanked by some donated granite. Hanging stemware racks complete the rolling, kitchen island bar thing.

Cube Ottomans - DWR

Console Table - CB2

Sectional - Creative Fine Furniture

Coffee Table(s) - Wanted a table that would accommodate multiple configurations for entertaining purposes. The bases were found at online restaurant supply store. Wood is Boos butcher block found on Craigslist.

Shelving - Elfa

Credenza - Quovis DWR

Planters - Crate and Barrel


"Adderall" - epoxy polymer on aluminum, Klari Reis

"Pity" (Mr. T) - duct tape on formica, Peter Reis

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Thanks, Peter!

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