House Tour Roundup: The Small Homes, Part II

House Tour Roundup: The Small Homes, Part II

Mar 21, 2008

And here, without further ado, is Part II of the small homes we've featured on AT. Below the jump are homes between 700 and 850 square feet. (Click here for Part I.)

700-799 sq. ft.:

  • House Tour: James and Roderick's Handmade Modern
  • House Tour: Taylor and Mandy's Eclectic Loft
  • FSBO/House Tour: Mia's Floating Oasis
  • Inside Out: Suzanne's 2 Week $900 Decorating Experiment
  • House Tour: Deana Bracken
  • House Tour: Dan's Noho Loft
  • House Tour: Danny & Chris' Budgeted Success
  • House Tour: Karla's Asian Traditional Home
  • House Tour: Mary's Vintage Old Irving Home
  • House Tour: Anne's Very Civilized Brooklyn Retreat
  • Inside Out: Cedric's Bachelor Pad
  • House Tour: New Family Home #5
  • Inside Out: Brian's Object Lesson
  • Inside Out: John in Moscow Relocates
  • Inside Out: Avery and Cortney's Learning Curve
  • Inside Out: Olga's DIY Like You've Never Seen DIY
  • Inside Out: Eric Makes It His Own, Part I
  • House Tour: AT Europe - London House Tour: Veronika & Sebastian's Rooftop Victorian
  • House Tour: AT Europe - Paris - Chez Ed

    800-850 sq. ft.:

  • House Tour: Monique and Richard's Apartment at a Glance
  • House Tour: Melissa's Remodeled Cole Valley Condo
  • House Tour: Anonymous's Potrero Hill Loft
  • House Tour: Julie and Andrew's Art-Filled San Francisco Abode
  • House Tour: Emily and Damon's Color-Infused Northwest Nest
  • House Tour: Lisa's Colorful Mission Abode
  • House Tour: Victoria's BoMo Pad
  • House Tour: Heather's Hip Hideaway
  • House Tour: Meg and Ross' Life in Logan Square
  • House Tour: Nicholas & Alison's Graceful Balance
  • House Tour: Emily & Scott's Fruit Warehouse Rehab
  • House Tour: Matt (Man) and Otto (Dog) in Rogers Park
  • House Tour: Christina's New Start
  • Inside Out: John's High End for Low Cost
  • Inside Out: Josh's New Start

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