West Village Modern On the Cheap

West Village Modern On the Cheap

Aaron Able
Mar 20, 2008

This look into the West Village home of Suchitra Van and Nette Gaastra should be popular with AT readers. The New York Times shows us the results when the couple transformed their 435-square-foot studio apartment in Greenwich Village into an open plan one bedroom. They kept cost down and created an eclectic, modern look by mixing high-end appliances with inexpensive furniture...

Suchitra Van owns a design studio, Van Studio on the Lower East Side. In addition to architecture and photography projects, he is experimenting with a line of porcelain enamel furniture photo-printed with designs. The apartment's one-of-a-kind kitchen counter and backsplash was his first attempt. The gray-blue color of the counter and cabinets is echoed throughout the small space to retain harmony. The couple used IKEA cabinets with custom doors and exposed upper shelving in the kitchen.

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(Pics: Michael Weschler)

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