How a Play Kitchen Comes Together

How a Play Kitchen Comes Together

Janie Lee
Feb 29, 2012

Melissa wrote in to show us the charming play kitchen she created for her daughter. And while we've seen plenty of play kitchens, Melissa's story about how this one came together for her daughter really grabbed us.

Melissa writes: I've long been inspired by all of the super cute and creative play kitchens Ohdeedoh features, so this Christmas, using a lot of ideas from those posts, I tried my hand at a DIY set as a gift for my daughter. I had lots of help from family who kept an eye out for pieces of furniture to convert, and I was lucky to find an old child-sized hutch, a fridge from a neighbor's "retiring" play kitchen, a beat-up bookshelf with shutter doors, and an old window that suddenly became a kitchen once they were all painted the same color. Nearly all of the accessories came from trips to the thrift shop and that resulted in a fun (and inexpensive!) hodgepodge of vintage tins, pots, plates, and linens.

We love the story behind the project, a collaboration among family members and the result of multiple trips to the thrift store for treasures.

Great job, Melissa!

(Image: Melissa T.L.)

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