Tell Us: How Big Was Your Biggest DIY Project?

Making something for your home is one the most gratifying things you can do, and in this case, more is more. The pride of making something from scratch is multiplied the bigger the project gets. So we want to know: What's the biggest thing you personally have done for your home?

How big and industrious have you gotten with at-home DIY? Built a nightstand? Bed? How about an entire house?

Did you paint a floor? Or renovate and tile an entire ktichen?

We want to know about the process, too. Did you have all the right skills and tools before getting started? Or was your big DIY a total learning experience? Would you (or did you) do it again?

Tell us all about your biggest and best DIY project!

(Image credits: Tyler Olson/Shutterstock; M is for Mama; Claire Moyle)