(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

I'm sure many of us swoon regularly at the Anthropologie catalogs when they arrive in the mail. The styling is usually impeccable and their furniture is beautiful. I've noticed a recent trend in bold and brightly upholstered furniture, particularly sofas. And while it looks great in the pages of a catalog, I'm not sure it's something I could commit to in my own home.

Maybe it's a deep-seated aversion to those hideously patterned couches I grew up with in the 80s or perhaps it's a fear of commitment to anything more than a neutral, but I can't shake my fear of instant buyer's remorse if I were to invest in such a bold (and albeit lovely) couch. Plus, isn't that why throw pillows exist?

Where do you stand on your couch purchases? Do you stick with a neutral pattern and let the prints and colors come through in other accessories? Or do you make your couch the statement piece of your living room?

Image: Louisa Settee by Anthropologie