How Can I Add Interest To "Blank" Side of House?

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Q: My husband and I just bought our first house in Maine (yay!), and are having lots of fun learning how to be homeowners. We have lots of plans for the exterior of our home, including a low stone wall near the street, flower beds, flower boxes on the porch railing, and new trees.

The one spot that has us stumped, however, is the right side of our house, which seems like one big, blank wall. We don't want to do anything permanent here, like plant a tree (we're actually going to dig up and move the small shrubs in the photo before their roots get too deep), since we plan on building an attached garage on this side in a few years:

The other unfortunate thing is that this is the side of the house that is the most visible, and the first thing you see when you drive down our dead end street.

Help us Apartment Therapy! Do you have any temporary solutions to make this side of the house look less stark and barren?

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