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Q: A family friend let me take whatever I wanted from their storage garage this weekend, and amongst a variety of items, I came away with a pair of old Cerwin Vega D-1s in solid condition. I don't own a receiver or even a turntable right now, but I'm hoping to use these speakers with my iTunes digital audio library without draining my bank account and filling up my already tiny studio apartment with more gear. Any recommendations to get me started fast and cheap?

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You might to check out the Griffin Twenty amplifier, an audio solution which connects Airplay features to non-powered speakers like the ones you've adopted. You'll still need to invest in an Apple Airport Express, which plugs into the amplifier unit.

Once everything is setup (Airport Express optical out to Twenty's optical in using the included cable, speaker cables to the back of the Twenty), you'll be able to use those D-1's like any other wireless audio speaker via iTunes/Airplay with 2.1 channel sound for 20 watts per channel via the Class D amplifier. Not bad for just $99 and with a much smaller footprint than a full receiver setup.

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